Electronic – Does there exist an IC that allows on-the-fly routing of signals


Do there exist ICs with N input pins and N output pins which, either via EEPROM setting or via on-the-fly control by a microcontroller, allow one to route each of the N inputs to ANY of the N outputs?

In other words, for example, one might use it to connect the incoming line on Input1 to the outgoing line on Output6, and connect Input2 to Output3, and Input3 to Output1, and so on (regardless of whether the signals are SPI, or I2C, or standard digital lines, etc)… And later change up the order.

If it exists, what are such ICs called?

Best Answer

What you're looking for is called a "crossbar chip". Since this is a fairly inefficient way to use silicon resources, the emphasis these days seems to be on using such chips to route very high speed LVDS signals.