Electronic – find an 8086 chip


sometime ago I built an emulator for the 8086 chip and now I'm wanting to actually own one and set one up for some bit banging and such. Note, I'm not interested in all the PC specifics(DMA, PIC, BIOS, etc) only the bare basics to get the 8086 to run some code, which as I understand only requires a power supply, oscillator/clock source, and some RAM(unknown which type?)

So, for the most part all of the components are easy to find except for the one I need: The 8086 processor itself. I've not been able to find anything but (very pricey) collector's items 8086 chips. So where can I find a reasonably priced replica 8086 chip? Note: The pin out doesn't need to be the exact same, but I'd prefer it to be DIP and expose all of the features of the 8086. Also, don't just say "try buying an old 486 computer" After the 8086, the x86 line of processors got insanely complex. For this reason, I'm sticking to just the 8086. Though possibly an 8186 would be OK.

Also, if there is a system-on-chip type 8086 setup, that'd be awesome. (Note, I'm just talking about a chip that includes the RAM and possibly some flash ROM on it)

Best Answer

You can get the 8088 from futurlec.com for about $4. Its an 8086 with an 8-bit external bus.

Try searching for "NEC v20" which was an 8086 clone that was popular.

The 80186 is the embedded system-on-chip equivalent, there's tons of variants of that still in use.