Electronic – ‘Footprint Field’ visibility options in Eeschema (Kicad)


I have added the footprint information to various components in Eeschema (e.g. added sm0402 to a resistor).

A purple label then appears indicating the that a footprint has been assigned.

Is there anyway of globally turning the visibility of the the footprint fields on or off? So I can chose to view or not view all the little purple labels.

screen shot

Best Answer

I don't know the direct method, but you can manually modify the text file *.sch (remember to backup before modifying). For every component, there is a record in .sch file, and the footprint field is normally field number 2, e.g:

  F 2 "Name" V 10000 2500 50  0000 C CNN

the value of 0000 near the end indicates that this field is "visible", and you need to change this to 0001 ("invisible")

How? by regular expression. I used the following command in vim:

:%s/^F 2\(.*\)0000 C CNN$/F 2\10001 C CNN/

you can try sed or any kind of text-processing app to do it.

Source: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Kicad/file_formats#Description_of_a_component