LTspice Simulation – How to Move Transient Simulation Plot to Avoid Overlap


I have a shift register circuit that I want to simulate, and so far, everything seems to work as intended, but I am having a bit of a hard time with the voltage plots. They all overlap, and since the signals are all square waves with either 0V or 5V, it makes it hard to see all the plots at the same time. I have to delete one plot to see the other one, and I want them all shown, but on top of each other. Is there a way to shift the plot of the voltage at a specific signal up and down similar to how you can shift a signal on an oscilloscope up and down or perhaps have ltspice make say X amount of plots, all of them having the same horizontal axis, but each having their own vertical axis. In other words, I want the signals of different nodes to be shown on the oscilloscope in the picture and not overlapping, even though they have the same voltage
enter image description here.

Best Answer

whenever I want to plot new trace in new window I would do the following enter image description here

  1. Right click on the plot and click Add Plot Plane enter image description here
  2. This will add new plot plane. After clicking in the new plot plane that will be added, and selecting the node to be plotted, I will get the following result enter image description here Latter on, to analyze all the plots added, I will maximize the plot area to give me the results enter image description here Notice that, the time axis has same scale and even the cursors lines goes over all the plot planes. Notice the dashed lines in the following image. enter image description here