Boost – How to Quickly and Easily Boost +5VDC to +24VDC


I am looking for a simple IC solution how to boost +5VDC to +24VDC 1A. Requirements:

  • THT (the project is on a 2.54mm(0.1") experimental breadboard)
  • low-cost (this is a hobby project, so arround $5 for the whole converter system)
  • simple (fewest external elements)
  • has been around for a while (most recent chips are delivered to my country mainly by the Farnell, charging high transport prices).

Is this attainable? What are a part number or two, that I can toss in the local electronics shop and get the device working by the afternoon?

Best Answer

Note: This solution can not provide 1 Ampere output while boosting from 5 Volts, as pointed out by @markrages. Also, the product mentioned is not suggested to be operated beyond a step-up ratio of 1:3, i.e. up to 15 Volts from a 5 Volt source. Hence, this answer does not meet the criteria specified in the original question. With the amended 12 Volt source, it would work.

As has been pointed out by @Wouter van Ooijen, one is unlikely to find a simple single-IC solution for boosting a 5 Volt DC source to 24 Volts at 1 Ampere.

An alternative that fits the specified budget but not the full requirements is a pre-built adjustable DC-DC boost module such as this one on eBay for $4.49 with free international shipping.

LM2577 Adjustable DC-DC Boost Module

The module uses the Texas Instruments LM2577 step-up voltage regulator, and incorporates the required inductor and adjustment preset on the board.

Input voltage ranges from 3.5 to 30 Volts, and output can be adjusted from 4 to 30 Volts, as long as the output is not set to more than 3 times the input voltage.

Searching on eBay and other sites may yield lower prices for these modules.