Electronic – Mechanically damaged capacitor leaked liquid – is it toxic


I have mechanically damaged a capacitor on an old motherboard and it made a PFFFT sound like some gas went out of it and then some liquid leaked. What is that? Is it toxic? I hope that it was not mercury!

The capacitor is of a cylindric shape with two wires at bottom, about 7mm in diameter.

Best Answer

Yes it's toxic; No it's not mercury; Yes you'll live :)

If it was a "wet" capacitor type, then most likely that was sulfuric acid or some organic or inorganic solvent. If it was a solid, then perhaps manganese dioxide.

Whatever it was it isn't good for you so don't breath it, take a bath in it, or move to a planet full of it. But... one capacitor one time in your life will not make a difference in your overall health.