Electronic – Need help to identify smd component of VGA adapter MSI GTX1070


I did clean my VGA adapter MSI Geforce gtx 1070 with compressed air and one smd component has gone, now the adapter did not work. On another adapter I found out the marking on the component body and it is just – VT. I have no idea what is this. Could somebody help to find out what is this. On the PCB it is marked as U506.

enter image description here

Best Answer

It could be a 74LVC1G80 Single D-type flip-flop.
enter image description here
From page 2 of the linked Nexperia datasheet

Not sure which package - it's either TSSOP5(SOT535-1) or SC-74A(SOT753). You'll have to check the dimension of the package and/or pin pitch.
The TSSOP5 package is about 2mm wide with a pitch of 0.65mm while the SC-74A is about 3mm wide with a pitch of almost 1mm.