Electronic – Protecting fine pitch components from debris


I am making a Battery Management System. However the chips I am using are the LTC-6803-4 chips, and they have a pitch of just 0.5mm. The boards will be placed in a battery box with good ventilation, however I am worried that a stray metal shaving might come across the chip and short out multiple pins.

I am looking for a way to protect the chips in case metal shavings do find a way to enter the box. My first thought was hot glue, but I still need adiquite ventilation of the chips, and I am not sure about the conductive properties of hot glue.

I am sure this problem has come up in industry many times, but I just cant seem to find a simple solution. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

Cheesecloth, stockings or any other fine thin material over the vents.

And I have yet to find a conductive hotglue. Don't cover the entire chip, just the leads.