Electronic – Tracking Down a Datasheet for an unknown Optical Sensor


I scavenged an optical sensor out of a wireless mouse I had, and now I'm trying to track down the data sheet. Honestly, the pinout (from what I could determine looking at the board in which it was soldered) seems pretty similar to a "ADNS2620" (like this one at sparkfun: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/12907) but I'd like to track down a data sheet to make the process of figuring it out a little easier. Pictures provided below, direction helpful.



For those curious, the text appears to say "FCT3065-XY" and "16365A6".

Best Answer

I'm afraid all I have is bad news. Logitech uses the FCT3065-XY in their mice, so I contacted Logitec to see if they knew where to get the datasheet. Their response is that they won't release the information because it's "Logitech Proprietary."