Electronic – use single phase 220v AC to power a rectifier designed for 3 phase AC

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I want to use a use a rectifier (Eltek Aeon SMPS 4000 Rectifier, used in telecom) as a stand alone DC power supply (puts out 24v/125a). The unit was designed for 3 phase 220v AC input. I have only single phase. Is the unit likely to function on single phase? If so, would there be any performance loss on single phase vs 3 phase input?

Best Answer

The answer is.... Maybe.

It depends on the input topology of the power supply.

Their calling it a "Rectifier" is very confusing. What you have is really just a big DC power supply.

Generally, (ignoring the power-factor-correction electronics), the input of a switch-mode power supply is simply rectified to high-voltage DC, which is then converted to the desired output voltage using a DC-DC switching converter (hence the "switch mode" in the description).

If you're lucky, the power-factor correction electronics won't cause an issue with only a single phase, and you simply need to de-rate to 66%, as Spoon said.

You have to derate as you're only using part of the input rectification. Normally there are six input diodes forming a three-phase bridge rectifier. Since you would be only using two of the three power connections, you would only use four of the six diodes, hence the derating.

Really, the only way we can say anything definite about how the power supply will work would be to get a copy of the schematic, or trace out the PCB.

It will probably work, but there can be non-obvious side-issues, like reduced lifetime, etc... If this is just for your own experimentation, you're probably OK.