STM32 – Why Isn’t There Any EEPROM in STM32F4 MCUs?


Why isn't there any EEPROM in the STM32F4 series MCUs?

Mostly I have Microchip MCUs and they have EEPROM available in them, but I just found out that it is not available in the STM32F4 MCUs… And it looks like not in other families as 'F0, F1, F2 and F3 either.

Is there a way around to save parameter values in the absence of an EEPROM?

Best Answer

All STM32 MCUs have self-programmable flash memory. If you need to store user settings, you can store them in an area of flash.

ST provides a library to perform EEPROM emulation on the STM32F4. (There are similar libraries for most of their other parts as well.) Even if you don't plan on using that library, their application note explaining how it works may be interesting to read.