Equivalent sequence/stepper relay to “FINDER –”


I am currently looking at this relay: FINDER – Which is step relay, that makes contact AC output active with coil input DC (12V) [which i need]; and disconnects output when coil is triggered again. Which works like this GIF animation: http://www.homofaciens.de/bilder/technik/relay_002a.gif.

Q1: It says that Un=12VDC (coil input), coil resistance R=27Ω and current over the coil must be 400mA. Have I read this data correct? —Coil specifications, PDF, page 2— So if I needed to switch 16x same relays at the same time, input current consumption would be 7A?

Q2: Where in the specification is the info, that tells me how much time must the coil be on high state, to activate/trigger the contact output?

This relay is kinda expensive for me, since I need around 30 pieces…

Q3: Does it exists equivalent relay, that is described, which:

  • contact doesn't need to have 16A output, it can easily have max 1A, since burden will only be simple lights, that will probably have max 0,5A consumption;
  • I need DIN-rail package, but it can be for PCB, and I will find PCB to DIN-rail socket (example);
  • and has some kind of reasonable coil current.


Best Answer

Q1: Yes, it does say Un = 12V DC, Coil resistance R = 27Ω, and Consumption I at UN = 440mA

So, yes if you wanted to drive 16 relays at the same time it wouyld need 16 * 440mA = 7.04A

Q2: "Minimum/Maximum impulse duration: 0.1s/1h (according to EN 60669)"
i.e. it must be triggered for at least 0.1 seconds, minimum

Q3: Are you asking a question about an alternative part, or a "shopping question"?
That is off-topic. See the Help Centre to understand why.