Looking for a smart way to compare DCDC Converter IC


I'm looking for a quick and easy way to compare DCDC boost Converter IC, to all or most manufacturers. Does anyone know tools, sheets or charts?

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Learn to use the parametric searches of most of the main suppliers, such as Digikey, Farnell, Mouser, Newark, and the many others. Selecting components and researching options for your designs is an extremely important and often overlooked part of designing something.

You may start the process first by thinking about what kind of device you want, so in your case a "DCDC boost Converter" which you can find categories in most supplier websites for at least the DC-DC converter part, and then you should be able to search for the "boost" or sometimes "buck-boost" if they have multiple/selectable modes of operation.

Then think about if you want internal switches and low current handling capability (usually ~3A max for integrated ones) or if you want an external switch controller to handle 10's of Amps.

Be sure to find ICs with proper voltage ratings for what you are doing, and be aware that some may have annoying little options/hidden issues so always check the datasheets after finding something that you THINK at first look seems to fit the need you have.

Some ICs may have huge amounts of external circuitry required too, especially if they have lots of really cool options like built in current limiting, microncontroller feedback interfaces etc. whereas some are very simple and need only ~6-8 or less external components.

Many many hours can be taken up by looking for the right IC, and should be a very important part of your project. Do not think you can just whack any old IC whose part number you see thrown around on random forums.

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