Looking for efficient battery supply to power 3.3V circuit

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I have been searching everywhere for the best way to power my circuit and I can't find straight forward information.

My circuit needs 3.3V and the maximum current it draws is 50mA. It will run at 50mA approx 1% of the time and 99% it will run at .004mA (not including the draw of the regulator).

I'd like the physical size to be something close to 3 AA batteries (or smaller).

It has to be rechargeable, have high capacity 3200mAh or more (5000mAh would be great).

So far the best information I see is to use a li-ion rechargeable battery and a TPS63031 voltage regulator. I would like some input regarding if this will even work and if it is an efficient way to power my circuit or if there are better ways.

Best Answer

At such low currents, it would be much more efficient to use a linear regulator. If you use a lithium based battery with it you will not be able to get 100% from it because the circuit would stop running once you get below 3.4V on the battery. I'm a fan of TI's TLV70033 LDO.

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