Low power ripple pulse counter


I'm trying to find a ripple/pulse/edge counter chip that can record rising edges from a wind anemometer while my AVR sleeps. The signal is typically 0-50 Hz. I want to read it every 10 minutes, so it needs to be 14/15/16 bit or more.

I'm hoping to find a chip that can keep track of the number of rising edges at a lower power cost than waking up the AVR at each pulse.

Does anyone have a suggestion for such a chip? I'm obviously searching for the wrong keywords. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

I'd like the to read the data serially, if possible.

Edit: I found the DS2423 Maxim chip. It seems like a good fit, but it is discontinued: http://www.maximintegrated.com/en/products/comms/one-wire/DS2423.html

Best Answer

That's a pretty tall order- for what seems like a tiny market niche.

I suggest you consider using a microcontroller that has a counter that works in sleep mode (asynchronous with system clock). For example, Timer 1 on the PIC24FJ128.