Pspice error: voltage source and/or inductor loop



I'm trying to simulate the above circuit in Pspice, but I am getting the error:

Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving V_V5

I looked it up and it says this will happen if the voltage source (V5) gets a short circuited or connected to an inductor, but it is not!

The netlist:

* Schematics Netlist *

I_I1         $N_0001 $N_0002 DC 3A  
R_R1         $N_0002 $N_0003  1  
R_R3         $N_0001 $N_0002  4  
R_R4         0 $N_0001  2  
R_R5         0 $N_0002  2  
I_I2         0 $N_0002 DC 5A  
V_V2         $N_0001 0 5V
V_V5         $N_0003 $N_0003   
R_R2         $N_0001 $N_0003  1  

Best Answer

It looks like there is a green line through V5. Also the two junction dots on the terminals don't appear on any other component.

Also, in your netlist,

V_V5         $N_0003 $N_0003

The same net is connected to both terminals of V5.

This is the definition of a short circuit.

Delete the wire connecting the two terminals of V5.