Replacing capacitor from unworking TV with some other capatitors which has not the same value


I am repairing (trying to repair) my TV.

I found 1 capacitor 25V \$1500\mu\$F which i think is bad (it has some weird shape at top)
I don't have any capacitors with that value but I have some similar to that

  • 25V \$470\mu\$F x3
  • 35v \$1000\mu\$F

Can I replace the bad one with this 35V \$1000\mu\$F, or can I combine them (serial or parallel)?

Best Answer

If you put your three 25v 470uF caps in parallel, you'll get a 25v 1410uF cap with 3 times the current rating and 1/3 of the ESR (equivalent series resistance) of the individual caps. Depending on the application, this will be close enough capacitance (original tolerance is probably +/- 20% or so) and the lower ESR could be nice too...unless your jerry-rigged setup dwarfs the caps' ESR with its own actual resistance.