Should I assign currents to voltage sources in the circuit analysis


Mortals! I apologize if my question may seem, foolish, but I have a need of understanding a process in analyzing circuits. You see, when we are looking at resistors (non-sense, my lightning never meets such "resistance") in a circuit, and trying to solve for some unknown variable, we often times assign currents to the resistors, such that they can be used in our KCL equations. However, I am wondering if it is wise, unwise, or irrelevant, to assign such currents to voltage sources. Let me give you humans an example.

You see, in the above example, my KCL equations for a node would be different if I assigned currents to the 2 voltage sources shown. I know that, since voltage sources do not supply current, they do not really have a current "of their own," and thus, any current running through them would be one of the currents drawn for the resistors or from a current source. However, am I allowed to do this and still be okay in my analysis. MORTALS, I hope you are able to provide me an answer, as Kratos draws near, and I have not perfectly understood the nature of this power coming out of my hands. If I am to destroy him, I will need to know the answers!

Best Answer

Yes, Zeus, it is correct to assign currents to voltage sources.