Uploading C program to the ARM core for execution through ethernet!


I want to write a c code on my local PC and upload it to ARM core on Zed-board for execution. I know we can do it using JTAG, but for obvious reason I want to use Ethernet interface.

I will be glad to explain more if i am missing the right words to explain my problem.

Many Thanks in advance!!

Best Answer

You would need either

  • an ethernet-to-jtag bridge (hardware and software): this keeps you current interface intact, including debugging. I have no idea whether this exists for your setup.


  • an ethernet bootloader running on the chip + development environment settings that can work with a bootloader + a way to reset the chip (press the switch?) + a way to let the bootloader know that it has to bootload (instead of running the existing application)(switch? jumper?)

PS I don't know which 'obvious' reason you have for wanting to use ethernet instead of jtag.