What does short to ground mean? How to do that


I've just started a simple project using raspberrypi and a capacitive touch sensors breakout board. I had a few problems using I2C, but after some time of research I managed to get stuck on one only… On one of the forums I found an answer that solved the same issue for another user, so I'd like to try it out:

Turns out I forgot to short the ADD to GND to set address 0x5a.

The thing is, I don't really know what that means… Am I just supposed to solder ADD to GND? There's GND already on this board (apart form ADD). Do I just connect them both to GND? What does shorting to ground actually mean?

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for the trouble 🙂

Best Answer

Short to ground, just means to have a direct connection to Ground. A "short" is any direct connection between two nodes. In any circuit, technically, you have shorts everywhere, but the term "short to.." is generally used for ground or some power node.

So you have a direct connection between ADD and GND would be a short.