Bounces from with no email address


Every time I send an email to my subscriber list, I get a bounce from (with an "over quota" error), but it does not say anywhere in the bounce message what the email address was that triggered the bounce. I would like to have a "clean" list and remove any addresses that bounce. How can I deal with this? Here's part of the bounce (with my domain replaced with

Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

  Recipient address:
  Original address:
  Reason: LMTP transmission failure has occurred
  Diagnostic code: lmtp;550 5.2.2 Delivery failed: Over quota
  Remote system: dns; (TCP||58773||225)

Best Answer

Does your mailing list software support VERP? Most all of them do. VERP is the canonical answer to these types of issues - it encodes the recipient's email address into the envelope sender's address. This way when there's a bounce, it's sent back, and you can tell who the original recipient was by looking at what email address the NDR was sent to.