Juniper SRX240H occasionally dropping connections


One of our clients has an SRX240H in their office that occasionally is dropping connections going LAN to WAN. For example: they could be on an IRC server and they will drop out for 2 minutes and then come back or an HTTP download will die half way through. We've ruled out upstream problems with the ISP.

What steps can I take to diagnose this? We only have remote web access to this device, but can probably get SSH if required.


I shall find out what version of JunOS it is back in the office tomorrow.

The scenario is the clients office has a fibre connection to our DC with two VLANs, one presenting internet and one presenting their office infrastructure (AD, file servers, etc). It's a gigabit connection, and they use it as such to access their file server etc all day.

It's possible it's overloading it, but on paper it should be MORE than capable.

Best Answer

If you use the built-in Junos "applications" in your permit rules, then these come along with some cute hidden settings that control the timeouts per application (fun!). From an operational command line, run the command

show configuration groups junos-defaults applications

to see what the defaults are. Now... past that, I need to ask do you having the device source NAT a single WAN IP or you using a pool. what version of JUNOS is on the box?