Microsoft Web Farm 2.0: How to install the Controller on the Primary Server


I install the Microsoft Web Farm 2.0 on a server, add that server and another server as primary and secondary, and everything is fine for a short time. Then upon sync, it installs the Web Farm Server on the Secondary computer and fails the Web Farm Agent. You should be able to disable installing the Web Farm Server on the Secondary.

Any ideas or links?

Specifically, Scott Guthrie mentioned "DemoController doesn’t technically need to be a separate machine – but makes it easier to understand the various roles in the walkthrough" here.


Apparently, you need to enable file sharing in addition to sharing the folder. It's a Vista/2008 thing. You also need to put the network card in "private network" mode. That gets things working, but doesn't explain how to control which apps are copied to secondary servers.

Best Answer

Don't. Install the WFF on the Controller, not the Primary.


ControllerComputer -> Controller Server1 -> Primary Server2 -> Secondary

Having the controller as an ARR router is expected. Having the controller actually be the Primary doesn't look like it was designed in.

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