C# – How to disable all controls in ASP.NET page


I have multiple dropdownlist in a page and would like to disable all if user selects a checkbox which reads disable all. So far I have this code and it is not working. Any suggestions?

foreach (Control c in this.Page.Controls)
    if (c is DropDownList)
        ((DropDownList)(c)).Enabled = false;

Best Answer

Each control has child controls, so you'd need to use recursion to reach them all:

protected void DisableControls(Control parent, bool State) {
    foreach(Control c in parent.Controls) {
        if (c is DropDownList) {
            ((DropDownList)(c)).Enabled = State;

        DisableControls(c, State);

Then call it like so:

protected void Event_Name(...) {
    DisableControls(Page,false); // use whatever top-most control has all the dropdowns or just the page control
} // divs, tables etc. can be called through adding runat="server" property