CSS Reset, default styles for common elements


After applying a CSS reset, I want to get back to 'normal' behavior for html elements like: p, h1..h6, strong, ul and li.

Now when I say normal I mean e.g. the p element adds spacing or a carriage return like result when used, or the size of the font and boldness for a h1 tag, along with the spacing.

I realize it is totally up to me how I want to set the style, but I want to get back to normal behavior for some of the more common elements (at least as a starting point that I can tweak later on).

Best Answer

YUI provides a base CSS file that will give consistent styles across all 'A-grade' browsers. They also provide a CSS reset file, so you could use that as well, but you say you've already reset the CSS. For further details go to the YUI website. This is what I've been using and it works really well.