Google-sheets – Change case of all text in a column

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How do you change the case to proper case for a whole column in Google Sheets? I don't need it to do anything fancy. I have a header row then 2000 names in a column in various cases. Just need to take the column and make sure it's Proper. But, when I look at the 'help' answers – like if I create a column next to it, I delete the original column and lose all the data.

I just need a simple way to make sure the case in the whole column is proper.

Also, this simple question is not answered anywhere else that I can locate. I see a bunch of array information, scripts etc — maybe this can't be done in sheets.

Best Answer

Suppose the column with original text is A. In another column, enter

=arrayformula(upper(left(A:A, 1)) & lower(right(A:A, len(A:A)-1)))

which will create text with first letter in upper case and the rest in lower case.

Then copy that new column and paste it back in A as values only. This is done with keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V, or by right-click and selecting "Paste special - values only".