Google-sheets – How to check whether a range of cells is a subset of another range

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My Problem

I have a few lists on a Google Sheet, each kept in a column of cells. One of the list is the Master list, and I would like to make sure that the elements in the other lists are also present in master.

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For example, list1 and list2 are valid, but list3 is invalid because x is not present in master.

Duplication is orthogonal to the question – I can use UNIQUE if I'd like to check for uniqueness as well.

What Have I Tried

My Question

How can I check whether all the values in an unsorted cell range exist in another cell range?

Best Answer

LOOKUP only works for a single value

Not true.

  • MATCH to lookup the row of I2:I4 in the MasterList
  • AND to combine all matches and throw N/A,If any of the values are not found.
  • ARRAYFORMULA to use arrays in formulas.