Electronic – Altium assign one pin to multiple pads


I am using a P Mosfet in the schematic, pin 1, 2, 5, 6 are all connected together. How is this done in altium?

enter image description here

Best Answer

The easiest (and probably the most common) way of doing this is placing multiple pins on top of one another in the schematic. If you ensure all of the electrical "hotspots" are lined up with one another on the grid, they will automatically be "read" as connected to each other. Then, if you want to show all of the pin numbers (like what is shown in your image) you can adjust the pin number margins to separate them from one another. For example Pin 1 will have a margin of 10 DXP units, Pin 2 will have a margin of 20 DXP units, Pin 3 will have a margin of 30 DXP units, and Pin 4 will have a margin of 40 DXP units. They will show up in the schematic just like your image.