Electronic – Full Bridge VSI problem

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The above problem was asked in GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engg) 2015 in India.
I have no idea where to start so I can't show my attempt. But through google, I got solution by 2 different coaching institutes

First one – 56.72
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Second one – 49.5
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IIT(Indian Institute of Technology), the governing body of exam says that the answer will be in the range 60-64V

Please help me with the problem, as similar problems will be asked in the exam.

Best Answer

Both the solutions are crap !!

VR = 0.7 * VDC = 0.7 * 100 = 70V ........Case of full bridge inverter

where VR is peak value of fundamental component

Vo = VR * [(-JXc||R)/(-jXc||R + jXl)] .......Voltage divider

On solving we get peak of fundamental component of Vo = 62.76V