LTSpice change output voltage of gate


I am using the latest LTSpice on OSX (Mac). I have an AND gate which receives 10V for the in values X and Y respectively. The out signal is 1V despite the signals to the gate being 10V. How do I change the signal coming out a gate to either be a specific voltage when activated or be the same as the voltage in?

Best Answer

How to solve the issue:

(1) right click the logical component

(2) write "Vhigh=5 Vlow=0 Ref=1.0" into the SpiceLine option (or SpiceLine2 depending on output).

I had an issue where the newly calculated Ref (which is "(Vhigh - Vlow)/2" value was too high when "Vhigh=5" was my only option. Furthermore it is not required to have the unit [V] after the value, as it is already implied.