Python – How to edit and delete data in Django


I am using django 1.0 and I have created my models using the example in the Django book. I am able to perform the basic function of adding data; now I need a way of retrieving that data, loading it into a form (change_form?! or something), EDIT it and save it back to the DB. Secondly how do I DELETE the data that's in the DB? i.e. search, select and then delete!

Please show me an example of the code I need to write on my and for perform this task.

Best Answer

Say you have a model Employee. To edit an entry with primary key emp_id you do:

emp = Employee.objects.get(pk = emp_id) = 'Somename'

to delete it just do:


so a full view would be:

def update(request, id):
   emp = Employee.objects.get(pk = id)
   #you can do this for as many fields as you like
   #here I asume you had a form with input like <input type="text" name="name"/>
   #so it's basically like that for all form fields = request.POST.get('name')
   return HttpResponse('updated')

def delete(request, id):
   emp = Employee.objects.get(pk = id)
   return HttpResponse('deleted')

In you'd need two entries like this:


I suggest you take a look at the docs